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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week 43 2014

This week's bit of fun:

The last one was sent to from Ireland :-)


Another busy week and the weekend got busier. Friday Carole told me the roofers were turning up Saturday morning to re-roof our kitchen extension. This was a bit of a surprise to find them turn up when thy said they would. Having had many builders either not turn up or disappear after looking at the job it was nice that work started Saturday.

This ment I was up early taking down all my antenna attached to the extension at first light.

Saturday afternoon I recorded an International Round Table for next weeks podcast.

The roof was completed late Sunday afternoon and I hope never to see another leak again.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Week 42 2014

This week's bit of fun:


What a busy week both work and play. I attended a very interesting talk on Software Defined Radio 
on Thursday hosted by Sutton and Cheam Radio Society.

Colin and I recorded another episode of the ICQPODCAST in the week and Colin released it Sunday.

Saturday Chris  (M0TCH), Alan (2E0VAV) and I visited HMS Belfast where we operated in the radio room from 11:00 to 18:00 local. A great day with friends paying radio and talking to the public. We intend to do this every three or four weeks.

Series Seven Episode Twenty-One of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast- Schematic and PCB Programs has been released. 

The latest news, Martin (M1MRB & W9ICQ) and Colin (M6BOY) an even cheaper Chinese Radio (£8) and Martin (M1MRB & W9ICQ) reviews Schematic and PCB Programs.

News stories include:-

  • EMC issues in cockpit screens
  • Fishy Radio Interference
  • Yagi Radio Antenna Designer Website
  • Essex Air Ambulance On The Air
  • EI1A - EI8GQB 20th radio activity from Ireland
  • November sees second leg of SARL contests
  • Founder of JOTA is SK
  • When will Ofcom revoke Ham Radio licences?
  • Dominica on 5 MHz
  • 146 MHz allocation for UK Full licence holders

The ICQPODCAST can be downloaded from