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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Week 33 2014

This week's bit of fun:


Still working hard on various projects. I did go out with the boys on Saturday for a radio play day. We also had a visit fro Jonathan who is making a video on Amateur radio. Hopefully we will be able to post links to this soon.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Week 32 2014

This week's bit of fun:

Do you tell them ? :-)


Another busy week both at work and homes things. Colin and I recorded another episode of the ICQPODCAST and released it this Sunday. This episode 164 and still going strong.

I have found the my radio problem in my car (the radio intermittently locks up and will not transmit or receive). It turned out to be the hands free kit. I'm going to make a new one and I should be OK.

I did the maintenance on two Linux server and turned my Raspberry Pi into a media server, all this plus many other jobs. I feel I have achieved something the week.

Series Seven Episode Sixteen of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast - Youngsters on the Air event and GA14CG has been released.

The latest news, Martin (M1MRB & W9ICQ) and Colin (M6BOY) discuss the usage of the 60m band in Europe and Martin (M1MRB & W9ICQ) interviews Adam (MM0KFX) regarding the recent Youngsters on the Air event and GA14CG Special Event Station.

News stories include:-

  • Ofcom looking at 2.4 and 5GHz Amateur Radio Bands for Internet of Things
  • Hiker thanks ham radio operators and rescuers
  • EURAO Party Summer 2014 - “Give Youth a Chance”
  • 434 MHz balloon goes around the world
  • GB100ZZ
  • Panama Canal Special Event
  • GB2VJ special event station marks V-J Day
  • Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station in Ghana

The ICQPOCAST can be downloaded from