Sunday, 26 June 2016

Week 24 2016

This week's bit of fun:


I have been doing a lot of reading this week. Monday night was club night with a lot happening as usual.

Wednesday I recorded the latest news round table with guys for release on Sunday.

At short notice Chris (M0TCH) and I spent Saturday onboard HMS Belfast playing radio and talking to the general public. I must put more planning into these days.

Sunday Colin released the latest episode of the ICQPODCAST. This is episode 214.

ICQPodcast Episode 214 - Calibration

In this episode, Martin M1MRB / W9ICQ is joined by Leslie Butterfield G0CIB and Matthew Nassau M0NJX to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin M6BOY rounds up the news in brief, and this episodes feature is Calibration.

News stories include:-

  • EURO 2016 Amateur / Ham Radio Award

  • Ofcom Remove Amateur / Ham Radio Statistics
  • White House honours Limor Fried AC2SN
  • Russia Trial Electromagnetic Warfare System
  • FCC Technological Advisory Council Noise Floor Inquiry
  • New National Belize Amateur / Ham Radio Society Radio
  • Shack Photography Competition
  • ZS1TWO Cape Town 2m Beacon

The ICQPODCAST can be downloaded from

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Week 23 2016

This week's bit of fun:


This week has been fun. We had a talk on DMR at the Sutton and Cheam Radio Club Thursday night. This was an update on the new codeplug set-ups.

Saturday was Carole’s Birthday. We spent the day out and about doing what we wanted.

Sunday I started work on a new codeplug for DMR Radios.